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I have been looking at the Knowledge Base KB-02021 "Using walk through paths" dated 10-28-15. It claims that this video is good for the software version home designer interior..

 In this video,  it creates a walk though path using the drop down menu 3D , walk through..ect.  I do not have this option to create a path...  I can only create a walk through by using record walkthrough and then controlling the camera with the mouse commands..   No defined path and frames like this video suggests....


When I create a walkthrough using record walk through using the mouse controls , I get an uneven jumpy video.


Does this KB-02021 really apply to interior like it says ?

Is there a way to create a more uniform video with the version that I have?


I am using home designer interior 2016  version 64.   



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In order to create a "Path" one would have to be able to use 2D CAD tools to create the "Path" and Home Designer Interiors has no 2D CAD tools at all, so no path or walk- through creation is possible. I searched for KB-02021 in the Home Designer Knowledge Base and could not find such an article. I did find such an article in the Chief Architect Premier Knowledge base which applies to Chief Architect Premier and Chief Architect Premier Interiors, neither of these programs have anything to do with Home Designer Interiors, they are vastly different applications with vastly different prices (Chief Architect Premier Interiors costs about $2.000.00 and Home Designer Interiors costs about $80.00).

There is a website for Home Designer that includes its Knowledge Base and for Home Designer Users they have provided a forum called "Home Talk" for Home Designer Users, so be advised please.


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