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Hello everyone,


I need a little info quickly if possible. I am new to Chief  and I am on a dead line with this project!!!! I need to see if my take off and list of materials jives. I have been given 1 shot to get it right... or I could possible get the ax..smh... I have a CAD background but not to sure about chief yet.. I like it so far.. but need input on this remodel PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!





lincoln pack-Layout.pdf

Material list-Lincoln.pdf

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One's materials list is a direct reflection of how accurate your 3D model is. If your model (plan file) is carefully and accurately done from foundation to roof ridge then it will be a reflection of how much material will be needed in the field but if you took 3D shortcuts of any kind and did not carefully assign materials to objects then to that degree it will be inaccurate. You control the accuracy of your materials list by how carefully you create the plan file and nothing else. Most new users to not yet have the skill necessary to create an accurate 3D model (plan file), perhaps you are different.

When I do a plan file for materials list, it usually takes me many hours longer than otherwise because the plan file must be checked, checked and checked again to make sure all is correct and you must know what is not correct from guesses.



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