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    I need someone to review plans

    I am going back thru everything now and double and triple checking all my layers.. I do have a question what about hurricane clips. How can I account for those or how can I place them in my plan. My goal is to be able to get them stamped....
  2. Dj_Drafting

    Obtain house drawings using Chif Architect

    What all is it you are looking for in the plan? Are you looking for a full set of plans & do you already have the property where the house is being build? If I don't answer here please feel free to email me @ prietodraftinganddesign@gmail Dj
  3. Dj_Drafting

    I need someone to review plans

    Hello everyone, I need a little info quickly if possible. I am new to Chief and I am on a dead line with this project!!!! I need to see if my take off and list of materials jives. I have been given 1 shot to get it right... or I could possible get the ax..smh... I have a CAD background but not to sure about chief yet.. I like it so far.. but need input on this remodel PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, Dj lincoln pack-Layout.pdf Material list-Lincoln.pdf