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Why am I getting a double label on my windows?


X5 and earlier worked fine - One label, one schedule on each floor.



I have the schedule on the main floor (show all floors), all is fine but as soon as I add a schedule on the second floor it adds a second label to the windows and changes the numbers in comparison to the first floor.

I remove the schedule from the second floor and the double label is gone.


I've searched for a simple setting but can't find it.





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Two schedules = two labels.


In X5 you would only get one label, but you could never tell which schedule actually controlled it. Sometimes one schedule would and sometimes the other would.  If you don't believe me, go back and do this in X5 and set one schedule to use a different shape for the callout then the other one.  You will see the callout on the window change depending on what you do (add a new window, open the schedule dialog, etc.).  Sometimes you could even get different schedule numbers on the different floors.  Basically, it was a mess.


In X6, you will get one label for each schedule.  If you don't want two labels then you need to get rid of one of your schedules.  If you want a schedule on each floor, then you could always set each schedule to be for that floor only.

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I guess it all depends on how you look at it.


If you think that the callout is owned by the window, then you would expect to only have one callout for each window.


If you think that the callout is owned by the schedule, then you would expect to have one callout for each schedule.


Based on how it works, it looks like Chief made it so that the schedules own the callouts, not the windows.  This is probably backwards from the way most people think but they do seem to behave much better then they did in X5.

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