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I'm creating a rendering for an entire set of brownstones on a street. I've created a the initial structure and I intend to convert it to a symbol in order to propagate it into a different plan file where I have already created the street, sidewalk, driveways, terrain, etc.


I'm having trouble creating a symbol of the initial structure. It won't seem to include the plants when I create the symbol.


I've gone thru the options and can't seem to find anything.


Anyone have any ideas?



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You are probably using 2D plant images and not 3d symbols for those plants and as such, the plants are not 3D items that can be included with the newly created symbol.  I'm just spitballing here, but what about group selecting the plants and house symbol, block them, and then add that block to the library as a single symbol?

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Just tried it and it worked for me.


1.  Create a 3D view of the house

2.  Create symbol


Then do one of the 2 following things...

A.  Draw a couple reference lines or place a point at one corner of your model and then delete the entire model (except the plants).  Then replace that model with your newly created house symbol.


B.  Draw a couple reference lines or place a point at one corner of your model and select that along with all your plants tand cut and paste all that into a blank plan.  Then place your previously created house symbol and align it with your lines or point.


If you created the symbol before placing your plants, the above step would be even easier...Simply place your symbol and then place your plants around it.  Once your SYMBOL (not the actual model itself) is created and your plants are properly positioned around it...


3.  Group select your symbol and the plants and "Make Architectural Block"

4.  "Add To Library"


There might be other ways and maybe some more efficient steps, but the above worked for me and was super fast. 

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