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  1. waterfromdust

    Line Weights

    Good God. This. Thank you!
  2. waterfromdust

    Symbols and Plants

    Looks like that isn't the issue. I tried grouping the plants with a 3D block to no avail. Seems like that theory is on the right track. Any other ideas?
  3. waterfromdust

    Symbols and Plants

    Excellent thinking. Good idea with the grouping. I will try it first thing tomorrow. Thanks!
  4. waterfromdust

    Symbols and Plants

    I'm creating a rendering for an entire set of brownstones on a street. I've created a the initial structure and I intend to convert it to a symbol in order to propagate it into a different plan file where I have already created the street, sidewalk, driveways, terrain, etc. I'm having trouble creating a symbol of the initial structure. It won't seem to include the plants when I create the symbol. I've gone thru the options and can't seem to find anything. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  5. waterfromdust

    Odd Shed Roof - can it be done?

    Yep. Those are about what I had come up with, with minor variation. I will be posting the results after talking with the contractor. If somehow this guy figures out how to do what he is attempting, I will be sure to make a visit to the site with my camera and post pictures of the results. Thanks a ton for the responses, everyone.
  6. waterfromdust

    Odd Shed Roof - can it be done?

    Interesting... I'll see if he wants to tie it in like that. Thanks, Rich.
  7. waterfromdust

    Odd Shed Roof - can it be done?

    Thanks for the quick feedback guys. Glad to see that I'm not crazy... maybe his definition of a shed roof is different than what it really is. I'll have to work something else up and hope he digs it. Thanks!
  8. waterfromdust

    Odd Shed Roof - can it be done?

    Shane, the quick response is much appreciated. However, that approach is too costly for this build out. The contractor seems to think that it's possible with a 2 or 3 and 12 shed roof. I don't see how simply because a shed roof couldn't possibly wrap the corner and tie into the existing facia. I've included a picture of the start of a shed roof that he is wanting. However, I can only provide a start due to the fact that I don't know how to build the shed roof that he is requesting. I've highlighted the new roof in the attached image.
  9. waterfromdust

    Odd Shed Roof - can it be done?

    I have a client that is bidding a room addition. He insists that a shed roof can be used in this situation. I've racked my brain and worked around in CA plenty to know that this is impossible. Am I missing something here? Is it possible to add a 3 and 12 shed roof here that lines up with the facia on the existing gable roofs ? HERE is the plan file. Thanks!
  10. waterfromdust

    Dallas User Group

    Hey everyone! Dallas user here - seems we're pretty scarce. haha! Just touching base in the thread. I'd enjoy meeting other users in the area and talking about potential business ventures and ideas. Check out my work www.lewisconceptualdesign.com Feedback is always welcome! I haven't been using it for too long but I'm loving CA so far! Glad to be part of the group. Jimmy www.lewisconceptualdesign.com
  11. waterfromdust

    Half-Wall At Top Of Stairs.

    Good to know. I've been playing around with trials and lurking for so long - this was my first real post. Most of the time I don't even have to post a question because it's buried in these forums somewhere. Thanks again!
  12. waterfromdust

    Half-Wall At Top Of Stairs.

    perfect! thanks for the help. I was in and out of every menu I could find trying to make anything work. I appreciate the quick response! thanks!
  13. waterfromdust

    Half-Wall At Top Of Stairs.

  14. waterfromdust

    Half-Wall At Top Of Stairs.

    I have built a staircase and am trying to create a half-wall at the top. I couldn't find any options that worked in the stair parameters so I created half-walls on top of the default stair railings. Unfortunately CA seems to think there should be a doorway or something of the like at the top of my staircase and I can't seem to get rid of the cut-outs in the sheet rock. I have attached images. Any help is much appreciated. Best regards, Jimmy