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Insert Floor Error (Bug?)

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My client asked for another View of the Master Suite Area from my Current Project , no problem I thought , opened plan , setup the Full Cam at Ensuite Door , and to my surprise when the view opened the bath deck (custom countertop) , the wall Tile (wall material regions) and a few Other items like mirrors and shelving were all missing.


 So back to plan view and they are there and selectable, check display options ...all on ... so opened the Bathdeck DBX thinking maybe it "fallen" to the floor or something only to find it was at 125" elevation ....huh??? so took a view outside to see if it was actually on the Roof...  no ...but I then remembered , this Projected started as a small one Bathroom reno , but they asked me to do the downstairs one as well and now the Kitchen and make it Open Plan too , so I "inserted a Floor" to put the Ensuite on the second Floor as it should be. (learnt my lesson now even on small jobs use proper Floor in CA)


The 1st floor Plan View doesn't show any on the "missing items" but they are there in 3D view (Below) but unfortunately the WMR's have "snapped" to the living Room Walls so they are not a copy/paste/hold position back upstairs, the closet shelves are outside the window too  :)  that is likely my fault for moving walls though...

The Vanity countertop moved upstairs but the Custom one used for the bath deck didn't , I guess that's in how CA "sees" each item? I made Mirror and put them on (in front of) the Closet Doors for views , they are in the Living Room, the Closet shelves are outside , so not sure what  I did there ...possibly resize the plan with more accurate measurements? 


Don't think this messed up plan is worth posting , or that there is an easy fix just thought I'd put this out there as a Warning about the Insert Floor Option for Others , as it seems it's hit and miss on what gets moved properly. I thought this was a better option that Copy/paste/hold everything one floor up originally but maybe not.





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