Hatching a polyline with angle hatch/solid fill etc not printing out in PDF

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I have just upgraded to X7 and are wondering if this has some bearing on what is happening


Any hatching or lines I have done in colours other than black are not showing up when I export to PDF.  They just all look black and you can see the outline of the polyline with no hatching in it

The hatching is there visually and correct on the layout page, but when I export to PDF in either Black or Colour it disappears


Any ideas would be most appreciated


Many thanks, Dianne from NZ



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Try to keep all your colors on the dark side or you won't see them unless you print in black and white. I always print in Grayscale for large format printing looks pretty good. Turn off the color button and view your screen to test it. You can also change the line thickness. I use line weights of 15 to 200 depending on what it is .

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