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Trying to create a vaulted ceiling, but wall keeps building too high

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Been working on this for two weeks now, Even recreated my plan as a simple box. and followed the instructions. had to deviate on the ceiling plane because it was creating a gable wall instead of a tall wall. the ceiling plane extends to the outside of the gable wall. The tall wall is now drawing correctly I need essentially a siccor truss with a different height at the top than height at the wall. I tried using an energy heel without much luck so I went with specifying the roof plane higher than the ceiling plane and specifying two different pitches


The problem is the end walls keep drawing higher than I have stipulated in the room specification under "structure". I have rough ceiling hight as 60: and ceiling ( B) as 266 1/2"(as this is the third floor). but the section keeps showing a higher wall. when I play with the ceiling plane baseline it just lowers the truss and it builds it into the wall. I tried rebuilding the wall


And my one wall has another wall auto built on top of it. Its like its trying to build a wall to part way to the roof. Its not all the way


Does someone have a simple plan with a parallel chord type of setup and where the room structure absolute ceiling height(I assume this is the top plate) matches the section drawing?


I'm trying to use a siccor truss and I have the ceiling plane ay 6 5/8 pitch and roof at 7". Cieling plane outside bottom height is 270 1/2. Roof baseline is 282. So I'm expecting either a 12" truss or 12" plus perhaps the depth or something. And  it does look like it builds the proper height of the truss. only problem is the wall. It's being drawn 13" too tall.


I tried lower my celing but the trusses just get built through the wall.


at my wits end



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so if I lower the roof, I can get the wall to 60", but I cannot get the heel of the truss to be tall enoguh then. It looks like the software does some sort of math, that if the roof is x inches higher than the wall it builds another wall on top of the wall. but if it is more than x+y it does not. For instance if I change my roof baseline height to 280, the wall build to 60", but the truss heel is only about 13", If I change to 290, no wall change and the truss height is 23". When I change the roof height to 283, i get the goofy wall on wall again with the truss drawn through it


this is totally repeatable behaviour.


I did some more testing. the "top up" wall starts when I increase the roof baseline to 281 and stops when I increase the roof baseline past 289. In summary, if the roof baseline is greater than 280 or less than 290, I get the top up wall effect. This means I can only get a truss heel height of 13" or less, or 23" or higher, without having a top up wall being auto built(and my truss being shown as through the top up wall)



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