3 people symbols for download


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I have uploaded to DropBox the following models that import into Chief well.

1. female03
2. holdingfemale01
3. holdingmale01

DropBox link for downloading 3ds files is:


Refer to topic in this forum titled "3d Models from WEB"

to learn how you can download your own models.

Happy raytracing.


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Thank you!  Where else can I find people like this?  They are wonderful.  I would love to have some revolving around kids.  Maybe something like a child being carried, in a stroller, playing, etc.  I am creating a mall and am struggling to find people to place in the plan.

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Here's a link to a lot of People Images.




Images take a lot less to process than 3D models.  If you put too many actual 3D people in your plan it will get real slow.


the 3D Plants in the Library have the same effect....

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