Materials list not reporting studs


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Hi when I run materials list, it reports the studs in linear feet, and not the actual number of studs . 

is there a setting to change that will show the stud count rather than the lineeer foot?


the framing is already built , and shows all the studs in the 3D and 2d view, so the program already knows this number , why wouldn’t it be reported on the materials list ?


Is there an advantage to knowing the linear foot rather than the actual number of studs ?


for the wall board such as OSB and drywall , it reports correctly and shows the number of sheets .  That is correct .


anyboby know what is going on here ?!


x10 version,

Thank  you 

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Cannot remember whether X10 had structural member reporting.  Do you see it in the defaults:  Tools > Materials List > Structural Member Reporting?


You have to set this up (if it is there in X10) to get framing to report piece counts in your specified lengths. 

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