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I had to do an emergency Windows reinstall and I have reinstalled CA (same version as before problem).  I would like to get my preferences back to their previous state and was hoping that all of the preferences might be stored in one system file that I can restore from a recent backup.  Can anyone tell me if there is a file I can restore to get the preferences back?





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      So I have a remodel I am attempting to draw of a old house with a 4 square Gambrel second floor.  No easy task, so the owner wants me to fit 4 bedrooms and 2 baths up there, but I am giving him options for 4 and just 3.  With the upstairs Within the gambrel (not under it)  the 4 corners are useless so space is tight.  I thankfully will not have to ever draw the roof.. I think.   So I drew the 4 bdr version and pushed to Layout page with first floor views etc. All is good.   ... then I Saved As..   three bedroom version plan file, altered the second floor to only be 3 bedrooms, pushed to (same) Layout so both the 3 bdr and 4 bdr floor plans are side by side.  looks great ..got them labeled, print to pdf and...crap  the layout has two 3 bdr floor plans side by side. 
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      Is there any way to recover from one of the UNDO files Chief writes as it lays down its trail of bread crumbs?   there seem to be many of those.
      And I wonder if this has happened to anyone else?  I used to have  similar issues with Microsoft Access doing unwanted (system-wide) blanket changes to multiple databases at once back in Windows XP, and apparently it was a cache problem if you had files which began with the same name like pumpkin1.mdb    pumpkin2.mdb    pumpkinspice.mdb    pumpkinseeds.mdb,   etc...
      Thanks for any help,
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      I don't know if something has changed, or my program didn't migrate correctly.  I've attached a couple of images, hopefully explaining what I'm needing to know.  I am used to learning new tools, but it throws me off, if something is taken away, which I'm not sure about.  Any help would be appreciated, or maybe a link to a helpful video.  I need to know how to get back, that which might have been taken away, so it will work equal to, or better than X9.  You might know this was the first area I looked at, in X10 and I can't get beyond it, until I get this figured out........Thanks!

    • By ComputerMaster86
      Once a person has their program preferences tweaked to the way they want them, what CA system file is those settings stored in?  Ideally, you should be able to back-up those settings in the event that something gets goofed up and those settings need to be re-adjusted.
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      Here's a whole bunch of videos illustrating some things I've seen folks not understand.  This is by no means some comprehensive training sequence, just something that might help folks understand things and techniques you could adapt to your own style and needs.
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