Classical Widows Design


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"OIP" looks like it might be pretty easy, "OIP (1)" looks like it will be a little more challenging (if you want to match the ornate details), and "download" looks pretty tough (but I still think this is possible, just a lot of work).


There are a number of things you can do directly through the window dialog, such as setting up the shape and lites to be what you want and then adjusting the casings to match what you want.  Get to know how all of the casing, lintel, and sill tools work and what you can do with custom profiles.  The next thing you can do is to attach symbols to the outside of the window using the "treatments" section in the window dialog.  You will find some examples of things you can attach in the "millwork" library.  When all else fails, you might have to create your own custom symbols for the millwork you need and just place it in the plan up against the wall. 


The other thing you can do is search for some of these millwork symbol online. If you are planning on purchasing some of these things, then there is a possibility that the manufacturer already has 3d models that you can download and import into the program.  


All of what I have said above is pretty generic info.  If you want more specific info, then you need to ask more specific questions.


On a side note, you should probably not mark your own post as the "solution", not unless you add enough information that someone else can figure out what the solution actually is. 


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