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I love using Chiefs note speciation balloons for many reason.  One for the clutter (just a more clean look), two so I can use the same balloon elsewhere instead of making a text line fit.  With a legend on each sheet, its easy to read too.   Here is my question; we have the ability of making "notes" with varies balloon shapes for Baths, Electrical, Exterior, Framing, General, HVAC, Kitchen, Plot and Roof.  How do I control the layer automatically?  For example, I use the "General" for basic floor plan notes for call outs... and it puts in on the layer "Text, Notes" layer.  But when I go to a electrical plan for example, and want to add a "electrical note", it puts it on the same "Text, Notes" layer, thus turning all the other notes on.. until I manually move it to the electrical text layer (for example).  Then to avoid turning the "Text, Notes" layer on to continue noting in electrical (again for example), I have to copy and change text >copy electrical balloon just created>change text for a new assigned number.   Is there a way that I can just do a note and not copy-then retype a new note?  Meaning, is there a way with every note category (as noted above) it puts it in its own layer automatically.  


I don't know if I am making sense.. hopefully so.  


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