Seeking architect or firm in Phoenix AZ area that uses Chief Architect


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33 minutes ago, LSeawolf said:

Looking for a local architect or firm that uses Chief Architect and is familiar with Maricopa County AZ permitting to help finalize plans for a new custom residence.

Thank you.


@Steve-C (Steve Price) is there and does great work!

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@LSeawolf: I may be able to help you depending on your timeframe etc. I've permitted projects in Maricopa County and have dealt with all aspects of the plan submittal: civil, structural, and electrical engineering, G&D survey, CD's etc.  (Currently using CA X14) If you'd like to email me directly, we can discuss your project:  Thanks

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1 hour ago, Steve-C said:

I'm actually in Southwest Georgia, but thanks for the kind words.

:D Sorry I think I tagged the wrong designer.  Steve Price is in Phoenix and is ALSO very good.


@Beautiful1 is his business account for Beautiful Space Co.



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      Residential interior design firm looking for an experienced, professional design drafter/project manager to assist with drafting and documentation for new design build projects. 
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      -3+years of experience in Cheif Architect 
      -Highly proficient in autoCAD 
      -Highly proficient in office word and excel

      Please send resumes and examples of your work in PDF format to