Turn Off Roof Eave Fascia


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Does someone know why when I click to turn off the Eave Fascia it also turns off the Gable Fascia?


I would like to turn off the Eave Fascia and leave the Gable Fascia on.




It would seem that because they both have a check box it would be possible to deselect one without affecting the other.


I'm on x14 now. Just upgraded, but I don't think that's the reason for the issue.


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35 minutes ago, solver said:

That dumbness has been there forever.


You can make the eave fascia 1/16"x1/16".

Thanks for the reply.

At least I know that it's not something I'm doing wrong.


I Don't like the way Chief uses the outside edge of the finish fascia for the start of the roof plane.

So I all the sudden had the idea to just turn the fascia off which would then make the roof plane start at the sub-fascia then I would just use a Shadow Board for the eave fascia.

Looks like Chief wins again.



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