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Hi all, Just wondering if anyone could help with some issues Im having with importing 3d symbols - I am trying to import some SKP files into chief (decor, people etc) and while some are coming in fine others are coming in with no texture/materials or the materials are not applied correctly (eg a symbol of a person the texture is placed wrong) - if someone could help me out with how to "lock" the material that would be super helpful. Thanks 


first image is how it appears in sketchup and second how it imports into CA





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Actually there is nothing wrong with the imported settings.  You just need to view it in Standard View.

So set it back to X= 1" and Y= 1" if you changed anything.


image.thumb.png.d7764eb9d8c98f070cebf78cd6be7a8b.png  image.thumb.png.730b82dcd9c3c61fcc588599843a997b.png

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4 minutes ago, EMchue said:

WOW THANKS - this is working for pretty much all of them thank goodness!! thanks chopsaw


Your welcome.  It might actually be better in Chief than Sketchup !  Look at the shoes.

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