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 I have placed an old website that can show you some of my designs. This was an attempt to run a small business, but the upgrade version for Chief Architect out did my current computer abilities. I am currently using X11, but if you are interested in working with me, I will spend the extra money in upgrading my computer or replace it for the newer version of the Chief Architect X14. The renderings should be much better. I am also attaching my resume. You can see I have many years of experience in residential construction in many if not all areas. This helps me create real usable designs.

The link if it works for you will show you my ability to create custom details, cross sections, and how I can help in the consulting of a usable design. Mind you I am not a web designer, so that part may not be impressive. When I speak of usable designs, I am talking about what really works not just what looks good.


3D RESIDENTIAL HOME DESIGN – Designing and Drawings in 3D for the future Build.      None of the images are photos they are 3D images or renderings. The adds you may see are not mine (sorry). They are placed by someone else, but this allows me to access my old link as you can see.
If these links do not work, please contact me, so I can show you some of my designs. I am more of a whole house build designer (not so much interior). I can show you some kitchens that I have designed and built.



Todd Buehler






2022 Cover Page & Resume (Remote Design).pdf

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