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Hi All

My name is Jonathan Fales and I have been drawing plans and pulling permits all over the California Bay Area for over a decade now. A tremendous amount of my work is done through Via Builders Inc out of Los Altos, CA . Most everything you see on that website had me as the lead draftsman. I have answered comments and argued points with every municipality around. On the side I operate JDFales Plans & Permits where I currently have projects all over the state and even a few out of state jobs from time to time. Aside from traditional residential plans and permits I've traced PDFs, Made 3D models, added notations to already created name it. I can do it. My background before drawing was construction of course. I've been a laborer, carpenter, project manager and now Draftsman. If you need to make sense out of construction jargon from a contractor or technical talk from the city/ county...I'm your translator. Email Me-


-Jonathan Fales

Chief Arch User Since X7

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4 hours ago, jdfales said:

Hi All

My name is Jonathan Fales and I have been drawing plans and pulling permits all over the California Bay Area for over a decade now. A tremendous amount of my work is done 


-Jonathan Fales

Chief Arch User Since X7

I don't have anything at the moment but please drop me a line. I'm in Oakland and things pop up.

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Love to work together. I'll shoot a quick email over so we save each others contact info. We live in a very regulated area that only makes sense to those who have submitted plans for awhile. If I can be of any help do not hesitate.



Jonathan Fales

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I am looking for help completing my drawings. My model to ready for building permit application. I am principally a builder and want to sub out the drafting. 
I would like to ask you all to review the plans ( I can't attach here - files to large -  please send me an email I can send to )  and give me a good ballpark figure of what it would take for you to reproduce a similar project. And an hourly fee for all building permit plan check corrections.
Pease supply me with 3 reference phone numbers I can call.
See all my drawings and notes, annotation per my building department is very important.  
To start a new project I will do the site plan , notes, terrain, a completed model ( floor thru roof model ) ,  scope of work, zoning and sq ft data. 
I will handle all engineering and reports.
Please call me with any questions. 
My Best, 
Chad Williams

CWDesign Solutions

Chad Williams owner

Certified Green Building Professional

52 Eucalyptus Dr.

Watsonville,CA. 95076


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