Turn my architectural plans into a nice .Plan file for me


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Hi, Community! My architect has completed a full set of architectural plans, and construction is underway. However, he doesn't know Chief Architect. I am now looking to hire someone here to take the completed plans, and actual pictures that I'll provide as well as renderings, and build it all out for me in Chief Architect. I have a starting point already made, in case that helps, but I'm no good with roof types, second floor, etc., to make it look like reality.


The house partial one story, partial two-story, and total 6,000 SF including garage. Attached are some plans and renderings so you can scope this out and PM me with a price and timing. For the work I will provide the actual PDF plans that are high quality and have measurements all to scale, etc.


Looking forward to hearing from someone. Thanks!






Back Yard (1).jpg


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