Stem wall NOT cutting away when adding Garage door


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HallgrenWorking22.01.13.planSee attached plan (copywrite version). The garage door will NOT cut away the stem wall.  There is/was some funky activity when trying to make adjustments during trouble shooting....wondering if one of the guru's could spot my problem.


In the end, I want 12" of stem wall showing above the garage slab which will be set precisely -14" below main rough floor (zero 0').


Thx in advance.




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The framed wall is embedded in the stem wall.


You can easily see this in the vector view (note that on the right wall the line between the stem wall and framed wall ends before the end of the wall). You can also select the walls in any 3D view and see that the bottom of the framed wall selection surface is bellow the top of the stem wall.




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Thanks for the reply Jacob.  I suppose I didn't properly state my query.  I am very aware what is there.  I am curious to why Chief seemingly arbitrarily and automatically created this....I've usually have success by deleting one wall or the other and redefining the space vertically.  However, it keep popping up automatically with the same issue. I create a new plan and do the same, everything behaves wonderfully....


I recognize I can manually "fix" this as well....but want to get a better understanding of the guts of the program to try and get smarter myself....


Any solutions??

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