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I am  relatively new to X6 and have been tasked with putting the attached architect's plans into a Chief Architect file. My attempt has come to a standstill.

  • The garage is basically existing with a 7'6" ceiling height  and a 26" parapet on a flat roof.The framing is 2 x 4 with 7/8" stucco and 5/8" drywall
  • The addition adjoins the garage at a right angle and has a 9'3" ceiling height with an 18" parapet on a flat roof. The framing is 2 x 6 with 7/8" stucco over 1/2" shearwall with plywood on the framing and 5/8" drywall.

I went by the Knowledge base article KBH-00295 and was successful in adding the flat roof and parapet wall to the addition but when I try and do the same for the existing garage(different height parapet wall and different framing) I run into the following:

  • When I go to the Build>Floor>Build New Floor the "New Floor" dialogue box references adding a new 3rd floor instead of a new 2nd floor which is the way it was referenced when I followed the same process for the addition.

One thing I do notice is that in the Room Specification box>Structure for the addition "Roof Over this Room" and "Ceiling over this Room" are both checked and the section looks correct. In he Room Specification box>Structure for the existing "Roof Over this Room" and "Ceiling over this Room" are both checked and the section displays a pitched roof!


Any suggestions?

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