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12 minutes ago, joey_martin said:

Toggle the sunlight on and off and see what that does.

Turning the sun off makes it darker, maybe unsurprisingly. Adjusting the sun, even to its max lumens, fails to get the scene any brighter than where I started.


12 minutes ago, joey_martin said:


Then, forget that rendering technique exists and use the vector view for interior elevations.

That's plan B, I guess. The developers sure seemed to intend on their users having more than 1 display option for cross sections, to be fair -- what with their having created six others, each with its own little name, and settings, and what all. "Vector View" can't mimic hand-drawn lines, which is basically all I'm looking for here. Thank you though for your replies!

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Watercolor can do hand-drawn lines, but it comes out dark just like everything else except Vector, which does not seem to allow for hand-drawn lines. I have choices as far as hand-drawn lines are concerned, but only if I don't care that it's too dark. If there's a way to stylize the lines in a Vector view, I don't see it


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You have a setting off somewhere that is causing the darkness. This is not a Chief problem, this is a plan problem. That pic I posted up above of the water color is straight from a plan I randomly opened and exported that view. I didn't toggle anything or click anything extra. 


Post the plan file.


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