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  1. Thank you again! This is some very helpful insight.
  2. This answers a few questions I've been having about where various assets "live" -- whether they're saved as part of the Plan/Layout file(s), or whether there's a library somewhere in the nethers of my hard drive. Thank you!
  3. Placing it on the plan did the trick, in a roundabout sort of way. It added the symbol I wanted to the list, but, confusingly, by a different name; I had to flip through all of them until I found the right one. I tested it again with a different CAD block from my User Catalog and it also added the symbol to the list under a different name. One wonders how it comes up with the new names, and why, but I guess if it works it works.
  4. What determines which CAD blocks get shown on this list, under "2D Block" in the Symbol Specification window? Or, more to the point, can I affect which CAD blocks get included in that list? I have a symbol in my User Catalog that I'd like to replace this fixture's assigned symbol with, but it doesn't seem to have made the list. It's hard for me to intuit what criteria this seemingly-arbitrary collection of CAD blocks all meet that make them distinct from all the CAD blocks (like the one I want to use) that are excluded from the list.
  5. Watercolor can do hand-drawn lines, but it comes out dark just like everything else except Vector, which does not seem to allow for hand-drawn lines. I have choices as far as hand-drawn lines are concerned, but only if I don't care that it's too dark. If there's a way to stylize the lines in a Vector view, I don't see it
  6. Turning the sun off makes it darker, maybe unsurprisingly. Adjusting the sun, even to its max lumens, fails to get the scene any brighter than where I started. That's plan B, I guess. The developers sure seemed to intend on their users having more than 1 display option for cross sections, to be fair -- what with their having created six others, each with its own little name, and settings, and what all. "Vector View" can't mimic hand-drawn lines, which is basically all I'm looking for here. Thank you though for your replies!
  7. The title basically describes it. Is there a way to display a door as open in certain views (i.e. an elevation view), but not in others (i.e. on the floor plan, or a different elevation view)? And, if I want it to display halfway open in 3D views, but not on the floor plan, is there a way to do that?
  8. Why does it looks like we're in a dark room? No matter which rendering technique I choose (except for "Vector View" or "Line Drawing"), it comes out looking way too dim, and none of the sliders/settings seem to be able to brighten it up. Is this just how it is?
  9. I'm trying to replicate a window sill I have on a model in SketchUp. I can import a .SKP file and convert it to a 3D symbol just fine, but then in elevation views, CA wants to show these CAD lines every couple inches for some reason. The 3D view looks just fine, but I do need to be able to create elevation views as well. Is there some checkbox I could toggle and solve this issue?