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I'm having an issue where the framing members for a flat roof (1/4" slope) over a porch are not displaying correctly in the cross section. My default setting for rafter size and the specification in the roof plane dialogue for that roof plane are set to 5 1/2", but it always draws the cross section as a 2x4. If I select any of the framing members individually and open the dialogue box, it says it's 5 1/2". The trusses and framing for the rest of the house all come in correctly. Any quick thoughts come to mind?


also, Is it better to upload a screen shot showing the problem or the whole file on here?



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1 minute ago, LongTermDev said:

Sorry, forgot to add that I'm running Premier X12 in Chief Architect.


You can set that up in your signature so that it always shows for those that are helping out.

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1 hour ago, Chopsaw said:

Usually both  are the best practice.  You may have a soffit setting issue but hard to know without the file.


Welcome to Chief Talk.

Thanks Chopsaw

It was the underlying subfascia specs were causing it to default back down to 3.5". Once I changed those, even though I have no soffits because the roof is nested inside parapet walls, it drew the rafters to the correct size. 

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