Alignment issues with wall layers and foundations / Soffit is different on one roof plane


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Friends, this time I am adding the plans!

I have attached 2 screenshots of my issues. I have a soffit area on a roof plane that is drawing differently than the rest and I cannot find anything in my settings that are different. If someone could drop a line as to what I am doing wrong to cause this it would be greatly appreciated. 


I also have some alignment issues on an area of my exterior walls and foundation exterior coverings not aligning. I am still fairly new at this and am afraid it will cause something to be built incorrectly even though it appears my walls and foundations are aligned. Thanks for any insight and help. 

foundation alignment issues.jpg

soffit issues.jpg


Curtis New

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attached correct plans
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The wall surfaces do not align because the main floor wall with stone does not have matching exterior layers and thicknesses to the foundation wall below it. Pick one of them and adjust it to match the other in the Wall Definition dialog.

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