How to download, unzip, and open Canvas Scan to CAD?

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I have received an email from Canvas (3D Scan to CAD) saying that my CA drawing is ready for download... so I hit the download button and my X12 pop up says "The file "Scan to CAD..... .zip" cannot be imported because its file type is not supported for drag/drop." Can anyone tell me how to open this in CA?


Thanks a million.



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13 minutes ago, Tbear64 said:

Here's my screenshots... it is probably a soooper simple solution but I'm not as computer savvy as many on here.


Just use the Windows Snipping Tool or the Screen Shot Tool (mac) and post it directly here need for PDFs , many won't download them in this era of ransomware etc.


They send you a Chief .Plan file now AFAIK , , you just need to extract the Zipfile they sent and then open the contents of the Zip in Chief.


Eg with 7Zip or WinZip or even Windows 10 built In Extract Tool in file Explorer.


* would be a good idea to do your Forum Signature too.....







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