Can't Delete A Wall Type X13


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Embarrassingly, we have continued to use the same profile plan for many versions of Chief (just re-saved to the newer versions).  I'm now trying to create a new and clean profile plan for everyone in the office to use with X13. 


This is a tiny issue, but I'm trying to delete a wall type we won't use (Build>Wall>Define Wall Type>X-CAN'T DELETE).  When I try to delete it, I get an error that the wall type can't be deleted because it is being "...used by one or more walls in our plan. It may be used by a dialog box such as the wall defaults dialog."


I've checked every default wall type (interior wall, exterior walls, railings, retaining walls, etc.) to see if anything is set to that wall type and can't find any walls that are.  I've also checked the pony-wall option within each wall.  As far as I can tell, that wall isn't being used anywhere, and the plan is blank so there are no actual walls drawn that would us it. I've checked every wall a few times, but I'm probably just missing something obvious but am at a loss...


I renamed the wall to X-CANT DELETE from Siding-6.


Any ideas on how I can track it down?  My plan file is attached that will become the profile plan...

X13 ProfileFindWall.plan

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