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Can anyone tell me why my "highest ridge" is so much higher the the actual highest ridge. and I can't seem to move it to the right position. I have looked for invisible walls that are tall or any feature that would be taller that I can't see and I can't seem to see anything and I cant move along in this project until I fix this. Also I cant figure out how to design my trusses. They are blank where the webbing should be. Half will be flat ceiling and half will be scissor truss.

karen ct.dwg

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The reason the auto story pole dimensions are messed up has to do with the truss bases that you added.  If you remove these, the story pole should correctly show the roof ridge.


When you run into problems like this, please feel free to report them to our tech support team.  Although the problem with the story pole dimensions is a direct result of the truss bases, it still seems like the program shouldn't do this.


Eric's tips about training as well as pointing out some of the problems in your plan should be reviewed because they may be very helpful.


On a side note, one of the videos above mentions how you can solve the problem with having a gap between your terrain and your house.  I think he is assuming that you want to keep the cantilever with your first floor and your foundation.  I was assuming that you might want to update your foundation to remove this cantilever instead.   


At any rate, anytime you want to modify the automatic hole in terrain to deal with any special situations, I recommend that you first select the terrain perimeter and then use the "Make Terrain Hole Around Building" tool.  This will generate a hole in the terrain that will match the outline of your building and then you can make any needed adjustments.  Should be a bit easier than creating a hole from scratch.



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Thank you all for your help. I do want the cantilever. I am new to this program, obviously. But thank you and with this information I am confident I will get these construction documents done soon.


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