How to lower my porch ceiling and NOT lower my 2nd floor over a cantilever


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I have a 8' ceiling second floor that cantilevers 2' out over the first floor that has a 10' ceiling, also on the first floor I have a front covered porch that I want to have a 9' flat ceiling.  When I lower the porch ceiling it also lower my second floor because of the space below the cantilever, is there any way to do this w/o lowering the foor above?  Plan is posted.

21-012 Crown Residence.plan

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You can achieve this in Chief...but it is a bit time consuming. Adding a ceiling plane as Eric suggested above it probably the quickest method. 

I've attached a plan so you can review what I did...and a few screen clips. 


I created a room below the 2nd floor cantilevered area...and made adjustments to that "room" to the ceiling structure. Open the attached plan and review.


In the attached plan I also changed your deck/porch wall to a railing wall, post to ceiling and added square posts. No need to use solids for posts. You may want the posts in specific locations...and there are ways to achieve a specific column/newel spacing in Chief.


CrownResidence - Nestor Edits.plan


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