2nd floor exterior wall and ceiling heights?

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 I am using Chief Architect 10 student version.


 I am attempting to frame a 2nd story house with the 2nd floor exterior wall height of 36” and a ceiling height of 8”.   (I set my parameters under -room specifications – structure.) Without the Flat ceiling checked over the room, the framing looks correct minus collar ties.   But If I attempt add the ceiling it will be set to 36”.  If I raise the ceiling height it will also raise the wall height and roof. 


How do I raise the ceiling to 8” and keep the 36” exterior wall?   (The ceiling framing should look like collar ties)





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Place a manual ceiling plane at 8” place your trusses and once they are set then lock them.  You can either set the ceiling plane to opening no material or delete it after if you lock the trusses from rebuild.

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32 minutes ago, James359 said:

Ryan,  Thanks for getting back to me so fast.   I did not uses trusses the roof is stick built.   Mike 

Same concept but you either turn off auto rebuild roof framing or you leave the ceiling plane as opening no material.  BTW good information to share originally.  Also pictures and plan files really help you get accurate information.  Another tip is to fill out your signature line with which version you have and some details regarding your system to help the guesses.

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