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How does one remove the portion of the attic wall below the lower roof, but retain the upper portion between the two roofs
I watched a video CA had a few years ago on this, however I can't locate it now.
I've been through the reference manual but can't locate any relevant information there either.

I've tried all the standard editing settings available, but nothing worked for me.

Hit a brick wall on this one :(

split roof with clerestory.plan

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The setting you are looking for is "Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom".  However for that setting to work the roof needs to be underneath and supporting the wall.   This is not the same as "Lower Wall Type if Split by Butting Roof" that you had set which creates a pony wall.



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Chopsaw - Thankyou for your reply - perfect

From there I located some CA training material on this - 'Roof Directives in Walls'.

As it says 'occasionally walls are built between two roof planes rather than between a roof plane and a floor platform', thereby requiring different editing tools to achieved the desired end result.

Thanks again

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