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Looking for some tips on making the roof lines a little cleaner on the plan view. The dormers within the red box are where most of the concern is. I've done many connections where different pitches meet, etc. but just can't seem to find the right position for these. I have the rendered version looking alright but the lines are not in sync in plan view. The main roof is 8/12 while the dormers are 12/12 and on each side, the main roof is a dual plane. I have attached some images and the plan in question.


*Edit: not allowing me to add the plan file atm.





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That can usually be sorted out using the "Join Roof Planes " tool  898074092_JoinRoofPlanestool.JPG.5ab355745d01723ab485d94be8b28338.JPG 


It can be used in 2D as well as 3D but a little easier to verify in 2D.  Sometimes you need to pull one roof plane back a bit first and find the sweet spot so they join nicely.

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