How to make a frameless window pierce a thickened wall.

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I am trying to replicate the photographed window condition in Chief X12. However, when I remove the frame from my window to get the proper wrapped sheet rock effect the window stops piercing the furred interior wall.


Is there a way to fix this or properly create it?


Also, my exterior sill is CMU and part of the exterior wall structure not part of the window assembly, is there a way to make Chief display it like this?






2021-05-15 19.05.06.jpg

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10 hours ago, ianianianian said:

However, when I remove the frame from my window

Don't remove frame, just shorten it . Attached a few options with different wall definitions. Only one is has a furred wall added.

Check all the tabs in the window DBX (frame, sash, framing in particular).

Don't know what your exterior condition looks like so can't really answer that. There is no exterior casing on these currently but something has to be done there, depends on what your "exterior sill as CMU looks like" Could get tricky once that is added. Framing rough is set to 0 on these but sides have a gap since 0 there is not realistic.


window stuff.plan

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