Door opening with gate

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Scratched my head on this for a bit.. so going to bed to refresh.  Anyways I'd thought I throw this out there.  I've done this same plan a couple of times for a builder, and my door way to the courtyard/entry has always had a full size wrought iron gate.. but all along he has been building with a half gate.  Just found this out, since we are not local to one another, actually found it out via Google Earth. 


Here is my question.  How do I put a gate that is ~5' tall in a door opening that is 8' tall?  I thought a "symbol"..  but that just brings it at the full size of the doorway.  


I am doing another set for him for another build.. I want to show it correctly.  


Thanks in advance.



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Now how in the world would you know this?  It sure doesn't make sense but I'd be d----d if it didn't work.


Now going to bed.  

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