How do I make this work

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I am doing a remodel on this building.

Can not figure out how to close the roof to the wall as you can see in attached file.

The one story is open end shed/storage


Thanks you for taking a look and any help

Side view.PNG


2414 Help file.plan

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It's helpful to have an image (screen capture) showing the issue as often it will be enough to provide a suggestion, and eliminate the need to download and review a plan.

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Stretched Wall up and then eve down.

Looks ok, how ever extra lines in the front elevation.

It looks like I will be doing twice the work on this project as One model will not do both Plan views and Elevations.

Streched wall and roof as suggested.PNG

Front elevation.PNG

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The second floor is in the roof. Without the 13" second floor wall everything was to low.

I will have to try that, did not think of moving rook out beyond wall.


Thank you Eric

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