ISO an Architect and/or Graphic Designer for a Patio Cover Construction Company


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Hello! My name is Kris, and I am with 1516 Construction.  We are a General Contractor Company, but we mainly build residential patio covers.  We had a graphic designer that used Chief Architect to create 3D renderings for our clients, so they could see what the finished product will look like on their home.  We had a wonderful working relationship with her, but unfortunately she started a different business and had to resign.  

Ever since then it has been extremely difficult to find another person to fill her shoes.  I have downloaded the free trial of Chief Architect and tried to figure it out on my own, but I haven't had any luck.  I am the office manager, not a graphic designer or architect.   We are trying to use another company, but his renderings just aren't the same.  The customers have complained that the renderings do not look anything close to their homes.  I really need someone who can provide accurate renderings that are close to what the existing home is and what the patio cover build will look like as the complete product.
Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from your replies.  Have a wonderful day!
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Good day


I can offer you my services remotely.
You are most welcome to visit my personal website for a complete overview of the drafting, design and rendering services I am able to offer ...
I am competent & proficient in both Chief Architect, Auto CAD & 3Ds MAX software and offer these services in either Imperial (Inches) &/or Metric units at affordable prices.
If you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer those.
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