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I really don't know what to search under for this so I'll just explain what I'm looking for. Simple version. I have a building with 24" tall box roof truss, The 2 point bearing truss will be sitting on a 16' hgt. wall and slope down to a 10' wall. How do i even start this. Attached is a drawing from the architect. Thanks


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Hooty, trusses will draw between roof and ceiling planes so the idea is to create a ceiling plane that's 24" lower that your roof plane, same slope obviously, then draw a truss adjusting heights as needed for your outside walls. The trick is then to get the trusses to rest on the outside wall top plates and perhaps the smart guys can help with that? I think there's a setting but it's eluding me.





celining truss 2.png

ceiling truss.plan

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