Auto Framing 12 x 16 shed

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Building a 12 x 16 basic shed (largest size permitted w/o permits!)  Not a big deal but Auto Framing it doesn't result in the way you would actually construct it. Studs are "off" by a few inches so a 4x8 sheet of any OSB (or Plywood) would NOT end up in center of stud. Is this due to I changed the floor joists to be 12" OC instead of 16" OC? 

Still useable for buying materials. Just wondering if its something I did or maybe I just never noticed B4? 

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Look in the help files for "framing reference" marker and also joist direction tool which can control on center spacing. Joist spacing can also be controlled in the framing defaults. Everything you want can be adjusted to make the auto framing look correctly for a basic shed but you will need to set all the defaults and framing reference accordingly.


This little shed would be a great time to learn all the basics of how to control the framing in Chief. Lots of info in the help files and the video tutorials located HERE.

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