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Hello everyone,


My library browser shows all of my folders, subfoldrs, and items, but when I try to access the library from the box spefication tool, say to change a material or to add a fill, I get the list of folders but they are not selectable and not sub folders show (no arrows to open the folder, etc). See attached image. Additionally, it shows some sub folders for some specificati box items and not for others - when I go to Open Dialog Box>Materials>Select New Material my manufacturer and user library sub folders show and are selectable. When I go to Fill Pattern>Library> all folders show but not subfolder and they do not open.


I do use dropbox, and have my libraries saved in dropbox so that I can access from my multiple computers. I'm assuming the issue has something to do with this.

Chief Library Issue.JPG

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1 hour ago, solver said:

Is this a new problem?


Did something change that might have caused it?


This is a new problem. My brother did upgrade my laptop and reinstall windows, and also reinstalled Chief. I guess it has been since then, but it has been on all 3 of the devices I have Chief loaded onto.





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Check your Preferences>General>Folders to see if the directory paths need updating - maybe they don't point to the Dropbox locations?


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