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Hi there,


I am using Chief Architect X9


I can't seem to find a sidelite that is "half lite" only 3/4 lites or full lites.

I'm wondering if theirs a way to customize an object to make the glass smaller?

I have attached an image - this is the closest I could find. I tried looking on the 3D warehouse but had no luck.

(Using the Simpson Door Company - Arlington Sidelight)


Also - does anyone know if on the elevation view you can get rid of the door operation indicators only on the sidelites?


thanks in advanced.



Door Elevation - Opening Indicators.JPG

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I have solved this issue.


You can use a window as a sidelite - and change the size to be the width of your sidelite / height of door, sash / frame dimensions to get your desired dimension of glass.

I was wanting a half lite for a typical 83" high door. See attached images of specs.

Then I created a rectangle and made it into a 3D Molding Polyline for the bottom panel detail.


This also solved the operation indicators don't show.

Door Elevation - Half Lite Solved.JPG

Side Lite Specs - General.JPG

Side Lite Specs - Sash.JPG

Side Lite Specs - Frame.JPG

Side Lite Molding Specs.JPG

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30 minutes ago, Alaskan_Son said:

Chief actually gave us an option to simply set a Door Type as "Fixed" back in X11.


thank you! I was speaking to a colleague who has X12 who has that option. Unfortunately I am still on X9.

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1 minute ago, solver said:


Do you see now why completing your signature is important?


I wrote and bolded it in the very first post. Will do it when I have time..

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