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Offset end balusters in unconnected railing?

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I do a railing on a deck as "no room location," drawing it in middle, anywhere.


The need for it is between two stone piers along deck edge.


The railing thus drawn, has its end balusters flush to the ends of the top and bottom rails.  I want a 3-7/8" offset.


i know the workaround.  Draw a railing segment 3-7/8" long, no balusters, no endposts, point-to-point place a copy on each end of the balustered segment.


But why do I have to do the workaround?


The railing has custom profiles for its top and bottom rails, and custom balusters. The whole thing is as easy, maybe quicker, to model in Sketchup when compared to Chief.  The hangup in Chief requiring the workaround is what's annoying.


Am I missing something in railing wall build that will set the end offset?

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