new plan with metric units, wall type dont have siding 6 ?


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currently as shown the picture i have old plan which is using metric units, then i start drawing a exterior wall, and its show me wall types (SIDING 6), but when i get a new plan & repeat drawing a exterior wall, then i dont have wall types (siding-6) ? what was wrong > i have reset everythings...




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There is a wall type for "Siding - Thick" that is similar.  There should also be a "Wall, Siding-6" in the core libraries.  If you draw a wall in your plan using the library one, it will automatically add it to your plan's list of wall types.  If you want that exact wall type from your legacy plan, you can copy a wall from the legacy plan into your new plan which will also add it to the list of wall types.  You could also build your own wall type to be whatever you would like.


Some more info about wall types can be found here:


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      Anyone else experiencing strange things happening to their files "while they are closed". 
      Twice that I know of now and in as many days, I have reopened a properly closed file to find significant changes happened to my file. The last things that I placed are still there, but other things have changed causing even more things to disappear. This morning's revolve around wall types changing.
      (Arrows) Level 1 walls of a specific type were replaced by 'attic' walls that are of the '8" Concrete Foundation' type from Level 0 - or with original wall type. The correct wall type, a new one I created just yesterday, is still in the system and not all of them were changed (see circled 'green filled' walls).
      Because the wall type and 'attic' change occured, the corresponding rooms were lost and any doors or windows in those walls are also gone. As are any associated dimensions.
      This also really messed up the as-built file that spawned todays Scheme 1 file. It was my only record of indoor measurements taken on-site (the first time this happened and first time I used X12 for as-built). To that end I will be printing pdf files of plans as soon as I am 'done' with as-built measurements and may consider doing as-builts in earlier versions.
      No one else has access to these files.
      X12 file from the start.
      Happened on two different PCs to the 'same' file. Second one was a Save-As of the first.
      Both times to some of the last items adjusted and typically surrounding wall types or locations.
      Note: in as-builts many things are adjusted vs newly drawn so the first time there were significant changes.
      Not just happening to 'new' wall types.
      I'm presuming it has to be something in how X12 stores or refreshes the wall types upon closing or opening.
      I will be opening a technical problem report.

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      I've had a few questions about some of my screen porch videos because I skipped over some of the basics.  Here's a video that shows how to create a screen porch room...define the wall type and the railing wall type.  I use "panels", you will have to create a railing panel.  I have also created a video on how to make a's on my YouTube Page.  Let me know if I've missed something...or, if a guru has a tip or better method feel free to comment.