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  1. @Alaskan_Son : thank you very much .. its solved, i've just remove all the exterior wall and draw again .. i dont know it was right or not ...
  2. - thank you very much ..solved ... just the next part is corner wall..
  3. is the file ... thanks
  4. here is the file ... thanks
  5. hi anyone there, anyone can help me out with these ? wall corner & line on wall, if there is anyone can help me, i would like sending the file .. please
  6. thanks, let me try first .. so no need to draw or make it by terrain >
  7. yes, like a ramp.. but its divide 2 part.. 1 ramp for car, 1 ramp style stairs, and another one its a flat floor
  8. hi anyone there, need help for guide me how to make a slope floor on garage (inside the exterior wall) ?
  9. i was doing a plan with metric plan, by then im watching one of the video guide how to set up roof, but on that video its showing on inch plan, while my own plan showing degree, how can i change it > or do it > please >
  10. currently as shown the picture i have old plan which is using metric units, then i start drawing a exterior wall, and its show me wall types (SIDING 6), but when i get a new plan & repeat drawing a exterior wall, then i dont have wall types (siding-6) ? what was wrong > i have reset everythings...