Stair rail above and below

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I'm having trouble creating my stair rail properly.


  1. I need the pony wall railing to run all the way up the stairs to second floor.
  2. Open stairs to basement with rail approximately 60" long, flat along the main floor, should be drywall above covering the stairs to upper level.
  3. Additionally, for some reason the short railing pony wall on the opposite side of the stairs won't follow the stair slope.
  4. Not shown in the screenshot, I would like to be able to see the stair railing in my second floor plan, as it is a two-story tall ceiling but if I draw a railing on the upper floor plan, it adds another rail the shoots out from the second floor horizontally.


Screenshot of my issues is attached as well as a plan that is still very rough / in progress.









stair rail issue.plan

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Forgot to attach my plan

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@CElderWell...I got you most of the way there.  You're running into several different Chief stairs challenges here.  If you want to paint the ceiling of the bottom of the stair stringers white, you'll have to create a p-solid ceiling in a section view.  As it is I created one to fill in the upper triangular section of wall on the Dining Room side above the railing.  I tried other solutions there including pony walls, but couldn't get a good result.  Others may be able to suggest a way.  The wall railing on the left side you could turn off the pickets.  Chief won't build it correctly as just a hand rail because of that hole in the wall on the Dining Room side so I drew that rail manually.  


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