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First of all I want to say thanks for the extended student license.  I am well honing my skills during my down time.


As such, I may well seek a paid license beginning in 2021. 


My needs are a bit different than most.


I work with people from developing nations in West Africa on solutions to fight poverty and promote commerce.  I want to do the following as a pet project:


Disclaimer: I will not become wealthy at this.  I will continue to depend on other revenue streams.  Architects rarely clear $100 weekly here if they work hard. 


But everything is old school pencil and paper.  I am not a licensed architect and cannot practice this trade.  BUT I can provide morderinsation and rendering services to licensed architects OF THEIR ORIGINAL WORK to help boost their sales and attract more clients.


My question for you is, for somebody who expects to deal with poverty stricken clients on a social entrepreneurial basis for small pay, what is my best licensing option?  Rent or buy?  I may have large gaps between projects to start out.


Advuce appreciated.  Thanks again for the opportunity to learn this incredible software.

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probably rent to own 

you will pay more in the long run


but the pain can be spread out


you could also look here and on Ebay for a used older version

I wouldn't go earlier than X4


just very with CA sales that the license can be transferred and the cost as non-first license can cost way more

the seller should be willing to cooperate


you could later upgrade to the newest version if you make some money



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Thank you for the question.  Here are some thoughts on the purchase options.


1. Purchase a license outright - This is the best deal and lowest possible price to own the software. 

2. Rent to own - If cashflow is the priority, the rent to own option can be a great fit at $199 per month. If you rent consecutively for the full rental term you will own the software.  Lean more about the software rental here:  https://www.chiefarchitect.com/software-rental/

3. Rent as needed - You mentioned that there would be significant gaps between projects.  The software can be rented as needed.  This means you can rent as needed to complete a project and cancel the rental at any time.  You can then restart the rental in the future when the next project starts.  The drawback to this is that you do not accumulate payments toward ownership.


Feel free to reach out to our Sales Department if you have any questions by phone 208.292.3400 or email sales@chiefarchitect.com 


Kind regards,


Chief Architect Sales

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