Custom column - trouble making polyline solid

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I am trying to make a custom column that has a brace at the top (required due to height). I have drawn the shapes I want and the center portion (the exposed structural column) easily converted to a polyline solid.  When I try to convert the the two polyline curved braces into a polyline solid, it only gives me the option to make them polyline moldings.  Attached is the Column brace.plan file and a pdf of what the overall column needs to look like.  I'm using X12.


Thanks for help figuring this out!


SK-Draft - Column Dtl 2020_0831.pdf

Column brace polylines.plan

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The polylines need to be closed. First, clean things up a bit - the left brace has some extra lines - then select all the lines and make certain they all have identical properties (Line Style tab). In this screenshot, you can see that the lines don't have the same Weight:



After you've made the lines identical, then they will "close" properly, and you will get the option to convert them to a polyline solid.

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