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  1. Thanks - I did realize that it was an older post but suggesting detail from CAD view was what I (thought I) needed. No doubt I still don't understand CA so let me ask: are you saying I can export layout sheets to .dwg and the engineers would be able to use individual building sections, etc. as a 2D true-dimensions CAD file?
  2. FYI, some of us use outside engineers, especially on commercial buildings, and need to convert our building sections, floor plans, etc. to .dwg files for their use.
  3. Thanks, all! I, too, decided copying a material and giving it a generic name was easiest.
  4. I have a commercial project - historic hotel renovation & addition. My plans are set up with finishes, walls, etc., based on CA library of materials. I want my Room Finish Schedule to use generic descriptions such as "cpt" for carpet, LVT, PCT, HDWD (hardwood floors), etc. What is the best way to over-ride the materials I selected in defaults? Rebecca Fant, AIA Charlotte, NC rfant@archmatters.com x12
  5. Are you still too busy to help with tutoring and some plan help?  I am in Charlotte and have a historic/commercial building (existing building with addition) that has things more complicated that a typical house (elevator, steel structure, 4 floors of stacked stairs, etc.


    Would like to find someone to work with/talk through challenges on this project and also others.  Had a wonderful man in Utah who I worked with for 3 years on an as-needed basis; unfortunately, he died last year.

  6. Did either of you find any tutoring/drafting help? I'm in Charlotte and was working with a terrific man in Utah, so knowledgeable, a great teacher and reasonably priced, but he passed away last year. Rebecca
  7. Thanks so much, Mark! I did realize the scaling problem after I posted it. One last plea for advice: I understand I need to set the terrain to the building elevation but I'm not sure how to do that. The 1st floor elevation is 658.1 so call subfloor elevation 658.0' Would you please tell me how to do this - am I adjusting the building or the terrain and how? Rebecca
  8. I have watched all those videos numerous times, which isn't to deny that I might have missed something. But best I can tell, none of them deal with bringing one 3D model (survey) into another 3D model (building). With a fresher mind, I am wondering if I shouldn't have converted the survey into a terrain perimeter until AFTER I copied and pasted it into my building.plan file. Bring it in as 2D with just contours, perimeter and a Point for inserting into the right spot.
  9. Fellow More-experienced CA users, I have drawn as-built plans of a house for a renovation/addition project in CA v.12. I recently received the final survey from the surveyor with property lines, major and minor contours, the building footprint, and other typical survey information. I imported it from .dwg as a .plan file with layers for terrain perimeter and terrain, and converted the terrain using the convert tool to make it 3D. It shows up with terrain. Yay! Now I'm not sure of the next steps: 1. How do I bring the terrain into the building.plan? 2. How do I set it in place - using a Place Point or Point Marker at a corner of the house? 3. The survey elevations are in the 650' range so how what do I do to place the terrain relative to my house (1st floor 0.0)? This house has a walk out basement, if that matters. 4. I copied in a 2D version of the survey to use in plan view (on layer CAD, AS-BUILT SURVEY). When I send it to layout, the house floor plans are obscured and the secondary contours didn't come in - admittedly, this is a previous version of my survey attempt and I've since remapped the survey layers. I have also attached the house plan, if that helps. Thanks for recommendations from this group, as I've watched numerous videos and couldn't find any that addressed this process. Rebecca CA Premier X12 Zoutewelle FINAL SURVEY.plan Muhs Existing.plan
  10. I am trying to make a custom column that has a brace at the top (required due to height). I have drawn the shapes I want and the center portion (the exposed structural column) easily converted to a polyline solid. When I try to convert the the two polyline curved braces into a polyline solid, it only gives me the option to make them polyline moldings. Attached is the Column brace.plan file and a pdf of what the overall column needs to look like. I'm using X12. Thanks for help figuring this out! Rebecca SK-Draft - Column Dtl 2020_0831.pdf Column brace polylines.plan
  11. How can I get operable windows to show in my building elevations? Dot-dash lines for casement and awning windows. Some windows are fixed and want to make clear to client and contractor which windows are operable and from which side (left or right).
  12. I am having a similar problem and glad to start narrowing it down through this post. I can't get the framing set in the right place so assume it has to do with the Platform setting but I don't have any other layer option than #1, which is the exterior brick. See image of Wall Type Definitiion. Will post file if that is needed.
  13. I am looking for a CA expert willing to consult with me on numerous Chief Architect questions I have by going through a custom project file (house addition or new construction). General things like best practices going from schematic design to construction documents, working out building systems using CA tools, to "how to" questions about CA tools and creating architectural details.
  14. I had the same problem with different Labels being assigned to the same window type. Removed the Floor Level column from my schedule and it grouped/numbered them all by type with the same W#. My window supplier will really be happy! Thanks!