Second Story Bay Window problem


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The client wants a bay window on the second floor directly over the bay window of the first floor, but we don't want it continuous.  I tried to "raise up" the bottom of the second floor bay window like I did with the first floor (raised the floor up 24" floor in settings), but it continues to show walls down to the roof of the first floor bay window.  Any ideas what I am missing?  I attached images of the exterior that shows it continuous, and the second story interior view that shows the raised bottom - on the inside at least.



2020 05 30 Bay Window 2nd Story.JPG

2020 05 30 Bay Window 2nd Story 2.JPG

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Interesting!   I wonder if that's a bug?   It's probably most common to join them, but we should certainly have the option to control it.   If you move it over a little more than halfway off the lower bay then it works correctly.

The only work around I can think of (and made sure it works) is to make a library symbol of the bay window.
If the upper will be an exact duplicate of the lower bay then just use that one to make the symbol, otherwise make another bay window off to the side of the lower one on either floor or elsewhere and adjust it the way you want it, then convert to symbol.  Then you'll need to make a wall opening to put it into 

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