Will Putting Walls on "Walls, Existing" Layer cause any issues?


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I have been getting organized and the majority of my work is renovations/additions.  I have searched and I honestly do not understand the out of the box different layers Chief Uses for walls.


So my question is if I create a layer, simply Walls, Existing, and put ALL existing walls on that layer, will there be any repercussions or issues with layers such as Normal, Exterior, Interior, etc or do I need to do Walls, Exterior-Existing, etc.?


I would also like to have existing layers, for fixtures, doors, and windows.

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7 hours ago, solver said:

There are no smarts in layer names -- name them as you like.


This is not entirely true.  If you place a wall onto anything other than it's Default layer, it loses some of it's automated layer behaviors.  For example, attic walls generated by that wall are no longer automatically placed onto the "Walls, Attic" layer and if you were to change that wall to an invisible wall, it will no longer be automatically moved to the "Walls, Invisible" layer.  These are just a couple really quick repercussions that come to mind.  There may be others I'm not currently thinking of.

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